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comment Can Agile and ISO 9001 interact well?
Isn't one major friction between Agile and ISO9000 the openness of Agile to change? It seems if you're changing your process (to some extent or the other) every 2 weeks it goes against the goal if ISO9000. Also, ISO9000 is all about process and documenting that process. Agile, in the manifesto even, values people and interaction over process. In my experience the two are not compatible.
comment So they're trying to pull me into management
This is an outstanding answer. I have had the same experience when I first moved into IT management from a technical role. It was a small company and I was able to have the best of both worlds. I was very happy. However, as the company has grown and I have moved up the management ladder my time for hands-on work has declined to nothing and I don't like what I'm doing anymore at all. So my caution would be to watch as your company gets bigger that your hands-on time will go down with it and most likely your job satisfaction.
comment Is “send us a page with code” a typical interview requirement?
For those that ask for this - how can you be sure that what the candidate is sending you was actually written by him/her? Do you ask them to explain it to you or read it for you? We always ask candidates to write a small snippet during the interview and do a mock code review on a piece of code we give them.
comment Any experience porting a Powerbuilder application to Java (or another language)?
Thanks for the info. I hadn't thought of that approach. I'd love to re-engineer the data model for sure but I was thinking we'd leave that for the time being. I understand now why there is so much legacy code out there now. It is extremely expensive and time consuming without immediate pay back to port a mature product to a new platform. Thanks again for the info.
comment Intro to C for an experienced programmer
No question this is the best resource to start with.