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comment SQL Server: When to use SSIS vs T-SQL for ETL Tasks
Thanks for the response. All of the data is valid so I don't have to check for errors or anything of such, and periodically new valid text files will be added to the directory to be loaded into the database. The files are relatively small (the biggest is 7Mb) and at the moment there's only 52 text files.
comment What Exactly is a Model Relative to the ModelAndView Class in Spring
I read it in Spring's official document and their javadoc
comment Domain Model Examples Website Similar to Databaseanswers.org
Thanks as I had a hard time trying to word this question, but you provided exactly what I needed.
comment Session Variables and Proper Implementation
Thanks for the reply. I'm not looking looking to implement my own session, but really just how to effectively use the request.getSession() and what you said makes absolute sense to me. Things like getting the username and whatnot without having to continuously hit the database.
comment What to search/research to learn more about this way of coding Java?
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
comment What to search/research to learn more about this way of coding Java?
Yes for instance. If I have one survey with many comments. How would I model that in Java or if I have many recipes that have many tags (many-to-many).
comment JSP Model 2 Architecture and Dependency Injection
Great! Thanks for the help.