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I run a user interface development and consultancy company called Think ui based near Cambridge in the UK, having previously been involved in UI consultancy and outsourced development with another company for many years, specializing in UI, UX and graphic design.

comment What's the best way to retrieve a value and a status
@gnat Well - it's not really a question of what I've tried, as to be honest all of these methods are used somewhere in the code since it's been developed over some time and by many developers. I have an opportunity (while making other improvements) to refactor some methods like this and was wondering which way to go as there's no one route that seems clearly obvious, given the situation in hand.
comment Can someone explain how a GUI works and when I should start using one?
+1 for Qt - @David - Qt has it's own development environment called Qt Creator which is self contained, free and relatively simple compared to others. Qt is powerful, intuitive, extensive, very well documented and with large and active user base. It is easy to get started and there are lots of examples to start playing with and getting to do your own thing - which is a great way to learn by the way. It can be downloaded here
comment Two applicants, two different responses, what one would be correct?
@Philip Steve314 - nope, it's just Dilbert
comment Is there any legal issue for copying javascript code to website
1) Ask the person who wrote it - or 2) for something common like this, spend 5 seconds looking for one that comes with no such issues attached.
comment Should I expect recent grads to be familiar with basic programming concepts?
@Brann - immediate type -> value type. noted
comment Where do you use ROT13?
Instead you posted it in ROT26 - sneaky!