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Failed computational statistician turned into IT junkie

comment How can I apply Six Sigma in a software development environment?
Actually Six Sigma methodology more related to Software Development is DMADI (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Implement) except that we repeat MADI in software development. People with those "Belts" call it Lean Six Sigma DMADI but I call it Agile.
comment How do I teach to my brother how to program?
Instead of teaching him, let him play with the programming environment as a toy. I as a child was fascinated with computer simply because it does whatever I instruct it to do. What you need to do is to set a programming environment and to show him an example and references where he needs to look when he need some help.
comment Model-View-Controller and client-side concurrency responsibility
It's not clear on what kind of MVC you are using for client side. Is it JavascriptMVC?
comment ASP vs javascript vs jQuery vs User Controls vs AJAX
You mean Microsoft AJAX, not general AJAX, for example using jquery, right?
comment How can my multinational transition from one development platform to another?
Isn't #2 a step to #1?