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I'm a programmer of many languages, a player of many instruments, and a badman

comment What is the use of the prefix “for(;;);” in an Ajax response
I spent a while looking on google and couldn't find any answers... Thanks for sharing the link
comment Server OS/Software Requirements For asp.NET Framework 4.0
Thank you for your answer. Just what I needed, Just one final summary. Assuming we had a friend that could deal with the setting-up/Configuration/maintenance and networking of the server, We had a fast desktop pc with a speedy internet connection and MS Server OS, SQL Server Express and IIS installed. Would that be all we need to run our asp.NET application?
comment Website Planning Help
But surely what im asking isn't hard to grasp. just a question on project planning. what do you do when planning a project to make it successful?
comment Website Planning Help
yeah thats true. Their are always problems. Just wanted to make sure i didnt make any silly mistakes