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comment Why do most programming languages only support returning a single value from a function?
@gerrit Its been a while since I worked with Matlab (5+ years) but aren't the multiple return values simply syntactic sugar for returning an array of variable size?
comment How should I create a combined interface for two logically independent modules?
Hope my answer was at least somewhat helpful. Unfortunately, real world programming problems are rarely trivial and don't always fit nice and neat into our pre-defined patterns. Good luck!
comment Responsive Design vs. Separate applications/views
@CarlosGavidia I've added several popular libraries to the answer. I leave it as an exercise to you to do more research on each of these. There is a lot to look at but I think it will get you down the right path.
comment How should code “Goal Tending” be handled by a Development Manager?
This. Real code reviews would be a much better path here. The two big upsides being, like you said, the developer learns the application architecture more quickly because you are showing him the issues. The second being that you won't be introducing bugs because you don't fully understand the new code being written. Perfect answer for this question.
comment Is continuous creation and deletion of tables a sign of an architectural flaw?
@maple_shaft Sure, any technology can be abused, like anything else you have to weigh the pros/cons and test, test, test. Materialized views may, however, offer you an out if you find yourself denormalizing your tables. I think your point is just further reason to have a DBA or at least a developer with strong DB-fu on staff to pull the reins back when everybody else is charging ahead with a clearly poor design. My best work has come not while coding or designing, but preventing others from making horrible, horrible decisions.
comment Is continuous creation and deletion of tables a sign of an architectural flaw?
@maple_shaft There are better options for read-heavy databases then de-normalized tables. Oracle's Materialized Views, SQL Server's Indexed Views, DB2's Materialized Query Tables...not sure of the equivalent feature in MySQL. That said, in my experience, developers have a tendency to be quite horrible at actual database design and SQL in general, much less having the ability or knowledge to take advantage of the more advanced features.
comment Is it important for a solution to be an efficient one?
@HLGEM If there was any part of this answer that I would like to reinforce as a general principle (besides the first line), it is knowing the best practices for writing efficient code. And you're right on with the comment about efficient SQL being important.
comment Should I Prefer Session Timeouts Based off of Prime Numbers?
@Andrea Timeout events don't repeat every x and y units of time, otherwise it would be a simple problem to prevent timeouts from overlapping, if that is even an issue. Timeouts happen after certain period inactivity, meaning that changing the timeout duration is entirely arbitrary because the starting point for each session is entirely arbitrary.
comment Should I Prefer Session Timeouts Based off of Prime Numbers?
Timeout sessions of what? Two different servers? Two instances of the same application? Two user sessions? Database session vs user session timeout?
comment Should I use the language I'm most comfortable in, or the company “standard”
@Mister Smith Even so, you still need to talk to your manager or somebody with decision making power in order to verify those reasons. See my answer on this question.
comment As a C# developer, would you learn Java to develop for Android or use MonoDroid instead?
@MartinWickman Java and C# are both hammers I don't think the quote really applies here. If I know C# why would I learn the idiosyncrasies of Java? They both hammer the same kind of nail. If it was a question between Haskell or C# I might agree with the point you're trying to make.
comment What does Google or Microsoft get by hosting JS files on their Content Delivery Networks (CDN)?
I'd say in most cases the client still has to ensure the new file gets to their local product. I think both Google and Microsoft allow you to specify which version you pull from the CDN.