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Been writing code since 1984 when I created mailing labels from a custom-built multiuser manufacturing system using Business Basic on a Quantel (Mohawk Data Sciences) 7-bit system with removable disk packs. (ever been around a chain printer when the chain comes off?)

Busy learning C#, installers and deployment idiosyncracies now.

comment How do you handle your Project Manager
@Gabriel - " or find a way to get it done". Sadly, that is many times just leaning on the developer. Some people are truly in positions where they have no effective out from this.
comment How do you handle your Project Manager
Back in the Bad Old Days(tm) when I was working for a big consulting house, we planned for a 60% utilisation - that is, 60% of time actually working on code. Anything more that that was just unrealistic considering meetings, support etc. Of course, the PHBs wanted and compenstaion was based on 80% or better.
comment Should developers be forced to check-in before leaving work each day, even if the code does not compile?
Agreed. OP - ask your managers if having the whole staff running down build breaks every morning is a "better" use of resources...
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