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A developer for a software company in Waterloo, ON. My current project is building development tools (notably an IDE built on Eclipse) for a proprietary language you've never heard of. It makes things interesting.

I've done quite a bit of Java and C# development and a smattering of C/C++.

At home I get to mess with stuff like Python, Ubuntu and Android development. I'm also part of the local Agile/Lean software community, LoCo contact for Ubuntu Canada and I'm involved in running Kwartzlab, the local hackerspace.

comment Is the agile approach too much of a convenient excuse for cowboys
This might have something to do with why many of the original signatories to the Agile Manifesto are expressing distaste for the term "agile" as it is used in most companies. Instead, they're now talking about things like "software craftsmanship."
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