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C# Contractor, Zolution Software Ltd. From June 9th 2014 contracted to Willis Insurance Group for 6 months to undertake senior-level C# work.

Previously a Senior Developer with JobServe in the UK. Designed and built the JobServe Android App - 'Jobs & Career Search', which uses the JobServe Web API which I also developed. I have been a professional developer since March 2004, but started learning back when I was 5 or 6, writing BASIC on the ZX Spectrum.


C#, Javascript, C++ and (passable) Visual Basic. ASP.Net MVC, the .Net type system and runtime, dynamic code generation and usage (getting good at ANTLR at the moment), and I'm a fierce bugslayer. A particular strength is finding and extracting frameworks to promote reusability.

I bore people on Twitter, too, as @RealLordZoltan.
I RTFM to learn something new, I comment my code, I type with both hands, and I validate my arguments.