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comment How to work as a team of two
You can also add a wiki or a shared document, where-in all the requirements with the execution details are explained. You can document it as and when things change and then it would be your partners responsiblity to read the wiki/document.
comment How to handle interview questions on programming style
There are just a few handful concepts of basic OOP. Prepare a ready made code example for each of them and you should clear most of these. And yes an interview is to mostly satisfy the interviewer doubt of your knowledge on the subject and it's the worst occasion to have ideological quandaries.
comment Is it the job of programmers to design the database?
The answer is yes. Is the correct answer here going to help your management change their mind? I don't think so. And on the other hand, it will be a very good experience to have. Why not give it a try to design the data schema?