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I'm here to learn and help others. Stack Overflow is great for that, but there is room for improvement.

We need better communication. Please tell me if I'm wrong. If my answer is incorrect or not useful, add a comment or a down-vote. I will almost certainly respond or update my answer.

We need more science. Let's stop guessing how the world might work, and try to demonstrate how the world does work. Creating a reproducible test case is hard but almost always useful. Questions or answers with a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example will almost always get an up-vote from me.

We need more patience. Questions are not just about one person's current problem. A good question and answer will solve the immediate problem and help many other people in the future.

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comment What's the worst question you were ever asked at interview?
I think this is actually a very useful question. The actual answer isn't important, but it's important that we all think about what we do well and what we do poorly. The only thing worse than sucking at something is not knowing you suck at it. Those people are the worst to work with.
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