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I'm living in Switzerland near Z├╝rich, learned electronics engineer and studied computer science.

Currently I'm working for a large enterprise software written in C# 3.0. I'm focused on database technologies and testing, using mainly NHibernate on SqlServer, RhinoMocks, Spring.Net.

comment Should Unit Testing be used in Prototypes?
This is a question of the type "should we always wear shoos when going outside?" I mean: do whatever is helpful for you in your specific situation, and avoid it when it doesn't help. There isn't a rule for everything.
comment What are the most common mistakes and anti-patterns NHibernate user programmers make?
@Falcon: yeah probably. It's a general "not understanding transactions" problem. The unit of work is a bit covered by persistence ignorance. Although they are completely different concepts, they result in the same patterns.