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I work extremely hard to ensure that my technical skill remains at a high level of competency. In every project I undertake I strive to ensure that the outcome of the project is the best that it can be. I derive no satisfaction from producing work which does not represent the absolute best of my abilities.

  • Certified DDD practitioner, attended Eric Evans course & DDDX 2013.
  • Advocate of GRASP principles in addition to SOLID.
  • Advocate of simplicity, Occams Razor guides everything I do.
  • Challenged by distributed systems design - CQRS & event sourcing.
  • Captivated by the functional paradigm, F#, Livescript & Nemerle. Intrigued by Haskell.
  • Breaking out of the .NET stack with Node.js, MongoDB & Heroku.
  • Prolific open source contributor.

I am a Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe, and a member of the Open Rights Group.

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