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Experienced Software Developer in many platforms. Currently focused mostly on IOS and HTML5.

comment How can I really master a programming language?
I feel like were missing the point a little. Langauges evolve, so there is no mastery of a language, you grow with it, the more you use it the more you have to learn.
comment Can my company give IP rights away for an application I wrote off hours to another startup?
yea, if company a owns it, they can do what they want with it.
comment Should we choose Java over C# for a new project?
heh, you say OS/X, and I think of OS/2, that dead IBM platform mentioned above.
comment Is it a good practice to name the returned variable “result”?
I agree, using the variable type does not help you understand that your going to return it. In these simple examples, it is easier to see the return w/o scrolling or looking, but its faster to know up front what the returned value of the function is. It is also important to initalize it, as done in the example.