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comment Sprint Backlog Task Estimates - What Are the Hours Made Of?
+1, hours should include everything, but don't always. Adding some padding to the estimates can help.
comment What happens between sprints?
We usually have at least two deployments - one at the midpoint of the sprint, and another at the end. More may be deployed to QA as stories are completed. Having shorter stories that can stand on their own helps a great deal. Larger stories are usually split into smaller ones. Technical stories that are required to get stuff working is usually signed off on by the dev lead/manager - QA doesn't get involved unless there is some output that can be tested (either logs, user screens, or other output).
comment Is there any good reason why lines with only whitespace should be truncated?
@Alois, that's true. If you're planning on having others read your code, you should give some consideration to following the coding styles that are used by the language that you're coding in.