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comment Why are SQL databases still used with ORM?
@CraigJ - So how does the ORM do it? Just because you don't see that functionality on your end doesn't mean it shouldn't be there for the ORM to do what it needs to do.
comment Importance of hobby projects
One of the best ways to learn jazz improv is to copy the solos of the great musicians. Programming is the exact same way - build things that already exist, and you'll learn how to create something new.
comment Is a big name computer science degree worth the cost?
Have you looked at majoring in Software Engineering instead of Computer Science?
comment What are good keyboards for programming?
@Mark C - Hasn't been a problem for me.
comment What syntax element do you hate most in a programming language you use frequently?
@Jeffery Hantin - That's actually completely different. You then have VB6 checking to see if your object actually exists every time it's called (it's declared as a New Collection), which could lead to significant overhead on large applications. I'd much rather manage everything myself.
comment How important are code formatting guidelines?
I have to disagree. I find nothing more irritating than an IDE that changes the formatting on its own. Why should I be letting it modify my code without my consent? It cuts out a decent portion of control that I like to have over my work.