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I have finished my master's degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering. I am currently a Sr. Cyber Engineer II (Software Engineer) for Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions. My background is in programming however I have been a Network/IT Engineer/Systems Engineer for a good portion of my career. I am going back to my programming roots, which started early in my career and have been producing my own indie software. I have a passion for GUI Design, and Software in general. I am currently writing and publishing for the public various iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Metro apps. I also do 2D/3D game design with the Unity3D Engine, and have close to 20 games under my belt across multiple platforms including standalone, console and mobile.

BIO: Software/Systems/Network Engineer/ MCSE, MCITP:Server & Enterprise Admin, Certified Ethical Hacker v5.0, MCPDx2, CCNA, MCSA, CCDA, CCENT,A+, Network+, MCTSx23: SQL 2005/2008, MOSS:Config/Programming, AD, DistApps,CIWA,Virtualization,Security+., Exchange 2007, MOSS, WSS, IASO.

I am an avid fan of Object Oriented Programming. In the recent years I've been doing predominately C, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, C++, and JavaScript.

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