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I'm a Software Developer working at Slimming World. At the moment I primarily develop ASP.Net web applications using MVC, Web API and WebForms. I also have plenty of experience with WinForms and WPF.

I love to experiment with and learn about new technologies. I also enjoy reading a fair number of tech blogs. I am a firm believer in continual learning and really enjoy software developement.


Here's a small list of my time sinks extra curricular activities that I do in my personal time.

  • Music (Piano, Bass, Guitar)
  • Karting
  • Baking
  • Brewing (Cider, Beer)
  • Archery

I play in a band called 7 Second Hurricane, check out our music on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google play music, or search for us on your favourite music platform.

comment What is the Best Way to Incentivize a Team of Developers?
+1 for keep your promises. I used to have a boss that would make big promises and then decide not to follow through with them even though we met the conditions he had set out. Needless to say, I left that job and found a new one.
comment How to recognize a good programmer?
I see your point, but in this context "Programming" is just about coding otherwise I'd have used the term "Software Developer". The terms "Programmer" and "Software Developer" are not synonymous.
comment Ternary operator considered harmful?
+1 bravo for the great explanation! Developers don't tend to realise that some things are judgement calls, they want everything to be black and white. It drives me nuts. I've encountered to many people of the opinion "X is evil, lets never use it.". I prefer "X is great if you use it for what it's good at".
comment What's the most absurd myth about programming issues?
@Peter Very nice!!! I'll have to remember that one :-)
comment Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow?
Ow ow ow ow ow ow!
comment Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow?
We've got some people in this camp in my workplace. It's funny when they try to play the performance card and demonstrate just how out of date their knowledge is
comment Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow?
O_o that is horrible!