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Areas of interest:

  • java
  • c++
  • scala
  • OpenGL


  • Master of Science
  • 2 years part-time software testing
  • Several years of computer graphics using OpenGL and OSG

I'll do my best to add valuable comments and answers but may be limited by my understanding of the English language and the weird wordings I use to voice my thoughts.

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comment Why are exceptions considered better than explicit error testing?
@mattnz at least they are easy to spot in a code review and some IDEs add logging in the auto complete of catch(Exception) blocks (so even the (cr/l)azy can find where a crash originates).
comment What backs up the claim that C++ can be faster than a JVM or CLR with JIT?
@ErikReppen the statement "an abstraction that translates to multiple platforms" also fits c++, so by your own statement c++ is as slow as java. In reality java is just more restrictive about the behavior of its abstract machine, which makes it impossible to write those nice non portable speedups in java.
comment Is `catch(…) { throw; }` a bad practice?
@Mehrdad the worst idea was to make them runtime instead of compile time checks. I like java checked exceptions, they add documentation and remind me that I missed something (which is necessary since java uses exceptions for more than just programming errors).
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