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comment Should you ever use private on fields and methods in C#?
+1. There is a slight mental hiccup for me when I don't see explicit visibility modifiers. I have to think for a split second, "Is the default public or private?" simply because I always use the modifiers, and when someone doesn't, it throws me off.
comment How can I stop myself overwriting member variables with 'new' ones?
I don't think it's a bad choice for the person, it's breaking old habits accrued from developing in other environments.
comment How does authentication work with ASP.NET (using Live ID and\or Windows Authentication)
Well, you could try to use local storage, but I wouldn't put sensitive info in that. I must have missed the HTML and JS only part. I unfortunately don't know enough about WCF to know what's possible.
comment Unit testing and Test Driven Development questions
@Murph, I think we're considering different scenarios. I'm assuming that the old tests pass because they're testing a misunderstanding of what the outputs should be (hence, the defects). So, if you're expecting the wrong output, then the test is broken.
comment Unit testing and Test Driven Development questions
@Murph, that's true, but if he writes new tests, then changes code to make the new tests pass, more than likely the old tests will fail anyway. So, I meant start from scratch, that way you're not coding to the old tests that are passing but shouldn't.
comment Unit testing and Test Driven Development questions
@chooban definitely this. Don't write new tests, fix the tests that are there.