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Hello, I'm Sean - a developer enjoying life in beautiful Melbourne, Australia with my young family.

I love developing solutions with the Microsoft technology stack (vstudio, .net framework, c#|vb|asp.net, sql server, azure - all that good stuff!) using clean coding techniques and following best practices. Occasionally you may find me dabbling in a bit of Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP or Java on the side.

I'm also interested in functional programming languages and my goal for this year is to learn more about F#, Haskell, Scala & Clojure!

One day I'll start a proper blog, but in the meantime you can find me over on twitter.


comment Is it reasonable to insist on reproducing every defect before diagnosing and fixing it?
Sounds like this issue might be "Higgs-Boson" style bug - i.e. there is proof that it exists (the exception log), but actually proving it (via a reproducible test case) is going to take considerable effort.