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In-house developer (C#/T-SQL/VBA) and DBA at weinor, a mid-sized manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany.

My hobby projects:

  • Bitbucket Backup - backup your Bitbucket repositories
  • MissileSharp - .NET library to control an USB Missile Launcher
  • Recordset.Net - convert .NET POCOs to ADODB.Recordsets
  • RoboShell Backup - simple personal backup tool (PC -> NAS -> USB disk, with optional TrueCrypt integration)
  • SimpleLeague - minimalistic tool to display tabular league data in existing websites.
  • Tasko (WORK IN PROGRESS!) - simple to-do list app for your own server (with Android client)
  • VBA Helpers - a collection of useful VBA functions

Contact me:
mail (at) my website

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