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comment How best to prevent having to revisit a change after check in
Depends on the size of the code, the number of unit tests you have, did or can you run static analysis on the code, the complexity of the code, if you have used a new API that you are not familiar with and how good your requirements are.
comment How can I start testing in a testing anticulture?
If you don't have source control in your antitesting culture, I would try to do that first (or as well) as that will solve lots of other problems that I am sure your team is having. Then it lays the foundation for what you want to do for testing.
comment When do you drop old technologies from your resume?
Thanks for the great answers. I took away from this is the following: 1. Don't include a technology if you don't want to be asked to code it. 2. Don't include a technology that you don't really remember, as you might get tested on it. 3. Include technologies relavent to the position you are trying to get hired for 4. Include it in the job description for older technologies as that is the work you did then 5. You want your resume to be seen and read, you want to sell yourself and if the reader has to wade through lists of non relavent technologies, they may just pass on the resume.