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I'm a senior developer at Chase IT Services in London. We build great software for the financial services industry.

comment Can a closed-source programming language survive?
I doubt your friend can copyright the actual language - look at the the EU ruling on SAS.
comment How to refer to <% in asp.net
If you need to dig further, angle bracket percent seems to work just fine as a search term.
comment Why functional programming?
Free book available online: Real World Haskell: book.realworldhaskell.org
comment Oracle owns Java but Google is using Java?
That's not entirely clear. Should Google publish an altered JVM, Google would be required to offer the source code with it. Oracle, however, own the copyright to Java, and can publish it under any license they wish, including one that does require publishing any source code.
comment Is MUMPS alive?
Why the downvote? The question was Is still MUMPS alive? Are there anyone using it? - surely this is relevant evidence of someone seriously writing new code and/or learning MUMPS?
comment Why aren't databases integrated as a language feature?
+1. Powerbuilder doesn't have a built-in database, nor is it technically a language (it's an IDE for a language called PowerScript); but I think it is a strong candidate answer to "what would this look like?". I think if you set out to create a development stack purely as a CRUD GUI builder rather than starting as a general purpose language, you will inevitably end up creating something that looks very like Powerbuilder...
comment When deciding on whether or not to work for a new company, what are your dealbreakers?
@configurator I know people who work for companies with military contracts. They have one machine on the secure network, and another on the main network. The secure network is not linked to the internet or the public network. Although I don't think this should be a red flag in this case - this policy is apparently not only effective, but also popular, and they all seem to enjoy their jobs.
comment Why is VB so popular?
comment Why is VB so popular?
I was just typing that...
comment How to handle people who lie on their resume
One thing I have discovered from doing a lot of reading resumes and then meeting people, lying on your resume is akin to speeding; somewhere north of 98% of applicants lie a little, and honest players are mugged by a failed system. Like speeding, you only bother weeding out the worst offenders.