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comment Are algorithm questions good interview questions?
Someone once told me the difference between a junior developer and senior developer is the senior developer will ask for help sooner. Phone-a-coworker is an important skill. There are lots of egos in this industry and saying "I don't know" is a good sign. Some of the best code I've ever designed/written came from working with people, not just my own ideas.
comment Web design pattern
Personally I'd lean towards responsive design instead of two different sites. Less code to maintain and easier to manage. Yes, there is a learning curve but thanks to frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation those curves are less steep then before.
comment What hat should a programmer not wear?
I disagree. It's easy to say that a developer should be able to do anything asked but that doesn't mean he/she SHOULD. There are some considerable conflict-of-interest problems that arise in these situations. I don't want access to production systems because I will be blamed when they go down ("oh, well XXX was in there last month, so I'm sure he messed something up cause he's a dev, not an admin")