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comment Can I make a closed-source implementation from scratch of a GPL-licensed library?
Also, I understand this sort of thing varies greatly from one jurisdiction to another. eg, in the US you're far more likely to run afoul of someone than overseas. Personally, I would contact the author of the paper first …
comment How to shorten the case statement from hades?
Do these methods rely on a lot of local lexical state, or could you generalize them to a common interface?
comment Is it a bad idea to return different data types from a single function in a dynamically typed language?
Not mentioned, but there are many examples (even in Java Generics) of functions that take a return-type as a parameter; e.g. in Common Lisp we have (coerce var 'string) yields a string or (concatenate 'string this that the-other-thing) likewise. I've written things like ThingLoader.getThingById (Class<extends FindableThing> klass, long id) as well. And, there, I might only return something that subclasses what you asked for: loader.getThingById (SubclassA.class, 14) might return a SubclassB that extends SubclassA ...
comment Should I use parentheses in logical statements even where not necessary?
… not to mention the difference in C++ and Perl between && || and "and" "or" …
comment Is distributing patches in compliance with the GPL?
every GNU/Linux distribution generally provides a mirror network to obtain sources, at least some of which are their own, even for things where the upstream clearly does so. EG: I can download Fedora's .src.rpm for Firefox via "yum"... similarly for Debian/Ubuntu, ...
comment Incorporating GPL Code in my Open Source Project
the GPL (and even most BSD licenses) just say you have to both give credit, and take blame, if you will; if you just tweaked a few lines or added a certain feature, I'd suggest "Copyright 1974-2011 John Doe, Copyright 2012 Rutherford" and explain which bit(s) you've altered briefly. If it turns into more of a total rewrite or port, I usually put something like, "may contain code from..." or "based upon code from..." in a comment. I tend to think of it as the difference between attribution and plagiary.
comment How to trim emails for just the body, when using email as input to an external system?
The "-- " is used because eMail software usually discards trailing spaces, so it should only occur as a .sig delimiter. As with HTML and MIME in general, YMMV, but I haven't run across accidental occurences of this in practice. Among other things, Evolution and Gmail do the "-- " parsing.
comment Form screenshot for legal proof of clicking one of the checkboxes?
iPhone: Hold down the LOCK button for a few seconds. Android: Rootkit the phone and pray. (I get the point you were making, just sayin'…)
comment How can I find own replacement when the company wants someone far less experienced?
After all, what are they going to do, fire you? :-)
comment Alternatives to Professional Version Control
I have a tendency to present these "adjustments" to management in the form of the budget for their proposed changes. "Sure, we can avoid their using (git,…). We'll need to hire a secretary to do it for them. Sign here and I'll start interviews on Monday."