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comment How much programming should I know at the age of 17?
That seems on par with what I knew at 17 and I've worked at at least two big name companies. So don't stress out about being behind the curve. Keep programming. Try to keep a mix of digging deeper into some things you know & learning new things. Learning some things outside of CS wouldn't be a bad idea. Go to collage and apply for internships at the kind of companies you think you want to work for. Best case you get one, find it is what you love & you get an offer. Second best case you find big companies are NOT what you want before you spend half your life striving for it. Good luck.
comment SWIFT: How does this block of code work?
Since the question is on hold, I'll answer in the comments. The "node,_ in" defines the arguments to the block. The "let cat = node as Blah" is a of node to the Blah type, and assignment to the newly defined constant "cat". Be wary "let" has another similar meaning just after an "if" where it creates a constant, unwraps an optional and provides a Bool result to the "if". That should be enough info to help look things up in Apples free & decent Swift book.
comment Swift Protocol Naming Conventions
FooDelegate is also common (at least for delegates, which are nearly always protocols...maybe actually always)
comment Does giving a developer a slower development machine result in faster/more efficient code?
I/O bound on the slow machine. Still I/O bound at times on the fast machine, but more of a CPU bottleneck. The current build system doesn't like working on more then one lib at once, so some CPU and I/O is left on the floor when there are fewer then 8 files left to compile in any given subproject. As for the coffee, I could drink it faster, but I try to limit my intake, so if I drank it faster I would need another idle time activity.