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comment Is the git “Golden Rule of Rebasing” so essential?
That isn't to say git hasn't made valid design choices (group related functionailaty by subcommand, and prefer allow git to solve more complex things in the right hands)...but they are CHOICES, and one can be critical of the choice to have so many sharp edges, much like one can be critical of the choice of other VCSs to leave out so many useful features "just because someone can get hurt".
comment Is the git “Golden Rule of Rebasing” so essential?
Well it kind of is the tool's fault. Git exposes a LOT of sharp edges, and while sometimes notes that they are sharp it frequently does not. If you compare it to say CVS where all the sharp bits are in a SINGLE subcommand ("cvs admin"? It has bene a while...) that goes out of the way to say "this can cut you bad, don't use it unless you have a dire need". Or other version control systems that omit capabilities that can hurt.
comment Is the git “Golden Rule of Rebasing” so essential?
Yep, thus people make rules like "don't play with the sharp tools! (Force push)" So they can avoid treating avoidable wounds!
comment Swift Protocol Naming Conventions
FooDelegate is also common (at least for delegates, which are nearly always protocols...maybe actually always)
comment Does giving a developer a slower development machine result in faster/more efficient code?
I/O bound on the slow machine. Still I/O bound at times on the fast machine, but more of a CPU bottleneck. The current build system doesn't like working on more then one lib at once, so some CPU and I/O is left on the floor when there are fewer then 8 files left to compile in any given subproject. As for the coffee, I could drink it faster, but I try to limit my intake, so if I drank it faster I would need another idle time activity.