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I started out writing LAMP web apps in 1999, moved to J2EE in 2002, then to .NET (webforms in 2006 and MVC in 2010). My dog's name is Codey Bugger. Regular expressions are my kryptonie.

I wrote a .NET WCF project called NGeo, available as a NuGet package, source hosted @github under the Ms-PL (and @codeplex before that). It provides easy to consume clients for the GeoNames, Yahoo! PlaceFinder and GeoPlanet API's.

My github account also has a BeginCollectionItem Html Helper project, which I wrote to create a NuGet package for code originally authored by Steve Sanderson. If you're sick of copy pasting this helper into your new MVC projects, try it out.

At github you'll also see I fork the open source UCosmic project, which is my paying gig. It is a web-based MVC app which helps international offices in academia achieve strategic planning goals.

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