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comment Line follower using microcontroller
The idea is to do your homework yourself. There's a difference between asking about certain concepts derived from a homework statement and just dumping the problem.
comment How can I handle errors in functions
Unless it's the name of a product, you should probably spell 'business' right.
comment Would it be possible to transfer an HTML file using a protocol different from HTTP?
Interestingly enough and very tangentially, if there is enough information in the client-initiated handshake to identify the kind of connection, you can have multiple services on a single port by having a program that disambiguates and forwards the connection to the right kind of protocol handler. ZNC uses this to have the WebAdmin UI and the IRC bouncer on the same user-defined port.
comment Readme.txt vs. README.txt
I've always thought that all-uppercase was a form of emphasis, much like how you have the sections of uppercase in legalese.
comment DirectX11: Where exactly does the buffer swapping happen in the 'Swap Chain'?
This question may be more on-topic on .
comment Are Windows 10 app services only useful in enterprise environments?
If not required to launch the app at all, it sounds like a great way to have optional added value from having multiple co-operating apps deployed on a system. Examples would be things like a game letting the user select from music the user owns could be enhanced by using app services from popular media streaming services if they have the app deployed, or using a limited interface to a social media app to do social integration in an interactive application.
comment Git repo with lots of medium-sized images?
@toniedzwiedz If you interpret the question as an X-Y problem, then suggesting solutions outside of the question box may make sense.
comment C++ serialization design review
@Snowman I did not notice that comment as I observed the problem in the actual code. The problem with "example code" is that neophytes will copy, paste, and mislearn from it. It should not be.
comment C++ serialization design review
For the love of sanity, don't using namespace std in interface code, and preferably don't do it in implementation code either. There's so many names in the standard namespace that may conflict with your names, either resulting in shadowing, accidental overloads or your code performing illegal specialization or otherwise causing ODR violations. Use type aliases or explicit qualification.
comment C# - design to parse and write csv and manipulating data
Isn't there a Code Review StackExchange site?
comment Linking kernel voids without CPU parse (Compute shaders)
@JamieNicholl-Shelley A function returning void has never in any language known to man been called void, much like how you don't refer to a function returning an int as an int. Kernel functions in compute are functions, or if you need to indicate the return type, a function returning void or colloquially, void function.
comment Counting lines of text and get color of a specific line in an image
A reason for a minimum group size may be diacritics adjacent to but not connected to the base glyph of the grapheme. Even in the US alphabet, you've got lowercase i.
comment Why does scala require parenthesis around the condition of an if statement
A notable example of asymmetric if is Python, with its affinity to lines, indentation and colons.
comment How should one document permission of contributors to change the licence of a project?
You may be able to incorporate elements of the story of the Dolphin emulator and their license change with a massive number of contributors:
comment What is the difference between function() and function(void)?
This is a duplicate of a thousand other questions on the site network, among others…
comment number of square matrices in a non-square matrix
@Zishnu Sadly, ignoring questions that is not quite up to par is very detrimental to the quality of the site. Anyway, there appears to be ambiguities in your question; for any matrix larger than 1x1, there are multiple solutions. Do you care about which one is chosen?
comment node deep file indexer module cannot go deep
Contrary to popular belief, the contents of a call stack trace contains information you can use to determine things about the problem.
comment Data integrity, BinaryWriter, C#
Figure out how much overhead is acceptable, and use that many bits. It might be worth having a byte of checksum for N 48-bit blocks. Assuming you never have partial writes, you cannot desync in your storage solution.
comment Why would a program require a specific minimum number of CPU cores?
@StevenBurnap Had the original question been about the things which make the performance requirements of games different from a lot of other computing to the degree that such a minimum number of hardware threads requirement is warranted, then an answer expanded from my comment with a bit of research may have been appropriate. The current shape of the question is largely uninteresting to answer, as it's just about gathering fodder for some argument about whether it's possible to have a hard failure by not having enough hardware threads. The mass of other irrelevant answers also deters.
comment Why would a program require a specific minimum number of CPU cores?
The thing to compare isn't 2 vs. 4 cores. It's essentially 1 vs. 3 cores, as CPU#0 will be pretty much pegged by the graphics driver and DPCs. There are also significant cache and migration effects if you oversubscribe a CPU with several kinds of tasks in a typical modern game's job system. The requirement is there because Frostbite (DA:I's engine) is designed from the ground up with very careful tuning that requires a particular number of cores.