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C++ developer at heart, loves to play around with graphics APIs.

comment Replace tabs with spaces in C
@Proton An actual tab is a single char '\t', not two chars '\\' and 't'. Escapes are shorthand in character and string literals to encode things not expressible in the language.
comment Why using string[] args in all main methods?
@Mawg argc in C may be zero. in case of non-zero argc, argv[0] shall be a string that represents the "program name", or an empty string if the name is not available from the host environment. There is no requirement anywhere that it shall be a "full executable path". This is all from C99 section Even your non-normative URL says this.
comment It is safe to accept money for open source software that you've written?
Your modification of the MIT license means it's not the MIT license anymore. You can license your software under multiple licenses, some of which may only be available for charge. Is your question about dual-licensing software, or concerns about taxation and other economy funstuff that may arise due to dealing across nation borders?
comment Hide admin menu if no admin option is available
@Jorge Your comment seem a bit strange. If by "again" you mean on the server, you don't have any security. You cannot trust the client.
comment Should a getter throw an exception if its object has invalid state?
On the subject, Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names is a very good read on why 'first name' and 'surname' are very narrow concepts.
comment Is it possible to modify a native executable and change (dynamic) library it depends on?
Note that DLLs on Windows do not only have exports by name, but also by ordinals (16-bit? number identifying an export). A drop-in replacement library should also have the same ordinals for its exports in case the application imports by ordinal.
comment Where did the notion of 'calling' a function come from?
@Blrfl I skimmed the paper, it does not use the term call or any other term, it mostly just talks about use of subroutines.
comment Why can't we use IP address instead of cookies in identifying the client in servlets?
It's nice to know that even when IPv6 rolls out proper this problem will still not be solved thanks to privacy extensions changing your address over time.
comment Does it make sense to choose UTF-32, based on concern that some basic rule will be broken for UTF-8?
wstring is a basic_string<wchar_t>. wchar_t is implementation-defined in size and definitely not enough bits for UTF-32 on Windows.
comment Why Num&sizeMinusOne faster than num&(size-1)
Note that the question as it stands now is about implementing power-of-two modulo by either and masking or the generic % modulo operator. You seem to have at this time described the difference between two and calls.
comment Why isn't the arrow operator in C++ just an alias of *.?
@Guss: I cannot find any chapter and verse for your claim, nor reproduce it in a compiler. C++11 13.5.6/1 indicates that if a suitable overload exists, x->m shall be interpreted as (x.operator->())->m. If the LHS is something that has a suitable overload of operator-> again, this process recurs until there's just the usual (*x).m effect of 5.2.5/2.
comment Using scoped enums for bit flags in C++
The unscoped enumerator is only declared in the surrounding scope. Being able to qualify it by the enum-name is part of lookup rules, not the declaration. C++11 7.2/10: Each enum-name and each unscoped enumerator is declared in the scope that immediately contains the enum-specifier. Each scoped enumerator is declared in the scope of the enumeration. These names obey the scope rules defined for all names in (3.3) and (3.4).
comment Best way to hide API key in source code
It may be beneficial to outline the concept of of an API key for readers unfamiliar with it. An API key is a secret awarded to the developer of some software interacting with a service (typically a web service). It is used to identify the source of traffic, lift restrictions vs. anonymous accesses, and to bill the owner of the key for service usage. You are expected to keep it moderately hidden and preferably revoke it if it's compromised. As it needs to be communicated in full to the service, you always lose.
comment argument grouping with parenthesis are valid in C++?
On some (conformant, not VS2013) C++11 compilers, the function call can be made as func({1, 2, 3, 4}, 5.5f);. Note that the using namespace std; statement is not necessary for the solution, just a habit of the answerer.
comment Where does the tradition of shell prompts in code snippets come from?
In instructions that occasionally require root, it's common to see $ and # used to indicate which operations require escalation.
comment Should Repositories return IQueryable?
This answer does not stand on its own without consulting the volatile external link. Consider summarizing at least the key points made by the external resource, and try to keep personal opinion out of your answer ("worst idea I've heard"). Also consider removing the code snippet that seems unrelated to anything IQueryable.
comment Is there a name for this tree variant?
The intent was never to recommend another structure. It was evidence to an existing name for a similar concept.
comment Solution with multiple projects and (GitHub) single issue tracker and repository
An answer should answer the real underlying question and demonstrate some actual experience or common practices. A simple "yup/nope" with some non-applicable rationale isn't a quality answer. I'm sorry, but your answer contributes nothing to the actual underlying question.
comment Solution with multiple projects and (GitHub) single issue tracker and repository
What does the organization of an IDE/build have to do with the number of repositories and issue trackers you have? You can still fit into the IDE model with multiple repositories as submodules, for example.
comment Having error codes option in C++ library for performance
Whatever you do, please use a less generic name for your macro. At least slip in the name of the library somewhere to help prevent collisions.