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comment Application Architecture
Does the input format of each calcualtion match the output format? If not, you may want to create (one or more) connectors, that are pieces of software which know how to transform the output of calculationI into the input of calculationJ
comment Multiple threads and single output source
I doubt you can do that without i) either telling each thread the line number (or some other information, which allows to restore the sequence later on, like some pointer to the next line) it is working on and letting it return that number after it has done it's work or ii) force the threads to do their work one after another, but then you don't want to work with threads in the first place.
comment How to measure team productivity?
Unless I'm seriously mistaken, it it the task and responsibility of (uhmm) "upper management" to actually define this kind of thing. They get a helluva lot of money more than anyone else, and, as far as I'm concerned, are supposed to do something for that buck. This includes a vision on what is actually expected.
comment Best way to clear balances between payers and payees
Possible solution, if you just want to get the balance correct and are sure that all items were recorded accurately: create one account, let everyone pay into that account the amount his items are worth/retrieve the amount they paid to much. The account will have an amount of zero left, if everything was done correctly. If not, an error occured. If that does not solve it: the question is not clear, as mentionend by psr.
comment Negative test cases confusion
A spec should specify the behavior for all cases. If it does not say what has to happen when X==5 or X < 5 then the bavior is not defined and it does not make sense to test that case.
comment Why do certain sites prevent spaces in passwords?
I do agree with most of what I read hear, but I have a real hard time to digest the statement "the easiest way, when testing is not possible...". Testing not possible??? Anyone who agrees to a project where that occurs: stupidity efficiently maximized...Yes I know it happens :-|