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answered How to track temporal changes in a database?
comment How to set an ungoogleable coding test?
If the tests are remote and unsupervised, then Google is less of a problem than bait-and-switch impersonation. The candidate might well use Google in a real work situation, but he couldn't enlist the help of his guru friend. Also the OP is losing the ability to detect, is this candidate someone who could pair-program with you?
comment What is the hardest bug to find?
The best phase-of-the-moon bugs are those involving the hour's switch to/from daylight saving. Yes, I know that all date/times should be UTC in the back end, but...
answered What is the time complexity for the following program?
comment “It was working yesterday, I swear!” What can you do?
Bugs that involve time peculiarities such as switching into/out of daylight saving are favourites (in October and March)...
comment Would forcing developers to fix at 3 AM the build they broke undermine motivation?
A broken build is not a production issue. Unless you have teams spread across timezones who are held up by broken builds, why can't it wait until 9am?
comment Python Coding standards vs. productivity
Automated tests are arguably a more important productivity tool than coding standards - at least if you measure productivity as "rate of production of code/features known to be working". If your lead is throwing away tests to comply with coding standards, then he's taking you backwards. I fear your situation will only get worse as regression problems build up...
comment When, if ever, can code standards be ignored?
When I've written code standard/guideline documents, I've made a point of including an illustrative example to justify each point that isn't immediately obvious. Not only is it quite educational, and sometimes gives a good laugh, it gets a lot more buy-in than the "that's how we do things here, period" approach. But best of all, it makes sure the author has to actually think through the standards before imposing them!
answered Breaking a function into smaller ones is great… except for what about code-folding?
comment Is it ever OK for a conditional to have side effects?
There may be a few common acceptable idioms, but clearly "being clever at the expense of clarity" falls in the NEVER camp.
comment When are Getters and Setters Justified
+1 for Darrell and getting the underlying design right to minimise the need for mutability. Of course one may be hamstrung by a poor database design and "just make it work, now" attitudes from above...
comment Stored Procedures a bad practice at one of worlds largest IT software consulting firms?
+1 for "Typical labeling of things as bad practice is usually done in organizations with tons of incompetent programmers." - been there, lived through that, including being told to my face by a dev manager that he thought I had a great solution for one tricky problem, but if he was seen to allow me to implement it then it would open the floodgates for the muppets.
comment Phone Number based Login
Asking for a phone number is going to set off privacy alarm bells for people in a way in which email addresses won't. Have you considered people who suspect you will engage in cold-calling, or sell their number to marketers? What about people who need to keep their number secret (eg. victims of violence, public figures)?
comment Is there a constant for “end of time”?
Couldn't help but be reminded of this: exit109.com/~ghealton/y2k/y2k_humor/Cobol.html
comment How do you deal with clients asking for manual data edits in the database?
There's also possibly the issue of bypassing audit trails. Depending on the field you are in, this could be anywhere between a minor inconvenience and a legal minefield.
answered How do you deal with clients asking for manual data edits in the database?
comment Is my work on a developer test being taken advantage of?
+1 for "or months or years depending on the code quality and technical debt". Plus if it's that bad they will drive away the developers who are capable of sorting out a steaming pile of WTF and have to hire the ones who will make it worse...
comment Is it recommended to use more than one language at a startup?
Also, it gives the company more risk to manage (in case the one person who knows a specific minority language leaves or meets the proverbial bus), and more headaches on recruitment - particularly if people with skills in the minority language are hard to come by, or don't often come with skills in the dominant ecosystem. You may well be perceived as trying to make yourself un-fireable by devious means.
comment Why is “Select * from table” considered bad practice
Breaking everything by adding a column is also a good reason why code should always access columns in a datareader by name not by hard-coded ordinal...
answered Pull Frequency Parameters in MVC architecture