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comment Necessity of Interfaces for Small Projects
This. If you care that your program actually does what it's supposed, then you'll want it to be easily testable. If you want it to be easily testable, you'll want to use interfaces and dependency injection everywhere you can.
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comment How do you code without offending?
There's nothing wrong with committing half-finished stuff. That's what branches are for.
comment How can I create a solid business case for upgrading our programmers to 256 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM?
@NimChimpsky You make good points, and I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon of bashing your viewpoint, but don't forget that "sort out the build/dev process" costs money, too. Perhaps a lot more than an $80 SSD. And the SSD will improve lots of little things with very little effort. Opening big solutions, code analysis, test crunching, virus scanning, etc. are random access disk usages that will whizz on an SSD. It's foolish to always be on the bleeding edge of hardware just for funsies, but it's also foolish not to adopt hardware when its benefits outweigh its costs :)