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comment What is C used for?
I don't have any, but two thing made me think about it: some runtime error that was coming out that was looking like a Java exception output and the issues that I had about 8 years ago installing Matlab when there was the issue between Miscrosoft and Sun Java versions.
comment What is C used for?
I think MATLAB is mainly written in Java, with only some optimized part in C.
comment Should I be a good programmer immediately after college?
I am an electronic engineer, I was pretty good in Matalb, but with very little knowledge of C/C++ and Java. Believe it or not my first real programming job was writing drivers for Windows CE and port it to this device: eurotech.com/EN/innovation.aspx?pg=wearable . I had a little help by the company, but basically I was working alone at home, loosing big time for very little things. But you bet I didn't forget anything! I'm still learning but now I own a startup doing a realtively large program... so it paid off.