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As a creative person, I enjoy collaborating with interdisciplinary teams at the intersection of art, science, business, and technology. As a generalist, I'm comfortable across desktop, mobile, and the web. As an agnostic, I'm happiest working with open source software enablers such as github. As an idealist, I enjoy pursuing nascent technology when it's better, cheaper, faster, and easier, like heroku. As a pragmatist, I balance my idealism by realizing that the only artifact that really matters is shipping maintainable, reliable, usable software, mostly in python. As a creative, I believe in imbuing the work with a sense of whimsy. As a minimalist, I begin by asking a single question: what's the simplest thing that could possibly work? As an obsessive, I prefer a work style that is agile and iterative. As a completionist, I see the big picture and think in terms of complete product solutions. Finally, as a perfectionist, I'm never satisfied until my work is asymptotically approaching perfection.

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