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Software Craftsman. Husband. Ruins good songs with a Harmonica or an Acoustic Guitar.

comment What does SVN do better than Git?
you can actually add an "empty folder" to git with touch path/to/folder/.gitkeep, but, when you do this, you obviously actually don't have an empty folder anymore...
comment How to convince my teammates to follow some basic rules
I use github with success in a two-man project. We don't use wiki because we don't need to yet, but we use issues and the other github godness.
comment How do I convince my boss (and other devs) to use/consider Unobtrusive JavaScript
I would use the an approach like github does: every element that have events binded in JS has a js-this-class-do-something class, so, you can easily CTRL+F for it in the code.
comment To write or not to write: Frameworks
but, you build a framework for a new app before start building the app? In short: Do you build Foundation or Harvested Frameworks?