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comment Move on and look elsewhere, or confront the boss?
+1 - Great answer. I also have to agree with @Aaronaught. While leaving is an option and the job does not sound ideal (I'm still waiting!), I feel like I'm living on a different planet than the "run run away" crowd.
comment Is it possible to rewrite every line of an open source project in a slightly different way, and use it in a closed source project?
Can we still call it a Chinese wall?
comment What's your suggestion if the company didn't recognize my contribution towards a big project?
@Beofett: I'm not up on the literature but I do see your points. Perhaps my reticence to take this point of view is a matter of definitions? Even if "praise" is counterproductive I still have to believe that acknowledgement/encouragement are required to maintain motivation and morale. I have no research to quote; I simply base this off of my personal experiences. e.g. Praise: "I really liked the effort you put in on this project" vs. acknowledgement: "You put in a lot of hours to deliver on time" vs. no feedback. I would take the factual acknowledgement every time (and an occasional thanks :).
comment What's your suggestion if the company didn't recognize my contribution towards a big project?
@Beofett: I wasn't able to read the study (and don't profess to know the subtleties of the jargon) but the abstract has a "finding that task-irrelevant praise impaired performance." So it sounds like this isn't the type praise I would normally associate with a specific project.
comment When deciding on whether or not to work for a new company, what are your dealbreakers?
So Oracle good, Intel bad? ;)
comment Why do ads for s/w engineers always say they “offer a fast-paced environment”?
Good question. I just saw this a week ago (but similar postings appear all the time): "Fast-paced environment, Work under pressure". Sounds like a dream job. :/
comment How was programming done 20 years ago?
+1 for RTFM and experiments. Also for the VAX/VMS EDT and TPU flash back. :)
comment How can I really “wow” an employer at an interview?
+1 for Jack Chapman reference. Great book that I also highly recommend. Especially valuable for people who have no negotiating skills or find the process awkward. It not only gives you the concepts but the concrete words that you can use yourself.