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comment How to be productive as an infrequent programmer?
:-) ...thanks. I've helped many dev teams get their acts together that way.
comment Should a new programmer focus on a single technology until he's proficient at it?
Pardon? No-one said he didn't understand transactions, and what I wrote didn't imply that at ALL.
comment Understanding blocking and non-blocking frameworks
It can't. You'll need to either parallelize the servicing of requests, or process requests in series, and live with Nrequests/sec where N is defined by however long it takes to handle a request. It sounds to me like possibly you're hesitant to repair the code that's implementing the main dispatch loop for your service - I wouldn't be - there are numerous awesome examples of how to do a service really well out there.
comment Whose responsibility is a bug fix patch?
It's already been mentioned that the next release won't include your local patch - so it's in your best interest to get a fix into the software. Company-wise - it's in the company's best interest too - someday you may leave and no-one will remember to always re-patch application XYZ with your local fix. Try this: rework the patch, but don't submit it. Send it to the maintainer via email or otherwise - and ASK for their feedback - as in, "I think I got everything you mentioned - can you help me make sure this is right?"