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comment What are the most common ways used to migrate a Delphi application incrementally to .NET?
@JensG: (1) There are many developers with 15+ years of Delphi experience. Not a single one with that many years of C# experience. :-) (2) FYI: Delphi compiles to win32, win64, MacOSX, IOS and Android. Anyway, nothing wrong with C#. if you've got a trivial tiny app: just rewrite it in any other language. Doesn't matter either way. However, if you've invested serious development time in an app, you'll have to think deeper if rewriting will be worth the effort.
comment How to call modern Pascal?
@Nick: "Prism"... don't you mean "Oxygene"? or was it "Chrome"? :-)
comment Delphi vs C# for GUI programming
you should really look into Delphi if you think that C# is the ultimate development environment for creating desktop applications fast. I personally hate it when I have to create desktop stuff with visual studio, but nowadays I don't always have a choice (unfortunately).