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Software Development Manager with 18 years experience in scientific desktop application development for the Oil and Gas industry. Leverages proven experiences in software engineering and leadership to assist organizations in developing innovative solutions to deliver value to customers and meet market requirements.

Sees career as creating cosmos out of chaotic processes and interactions, which are inevitable components in a multicultural and intercontinental software development environment. As a leader, constantly seeks creative ways to foster a dynamic work environment through an ideal mix of people, process and technology skills. As a developer, thrived to combine different tools and technologies to create value for customers.

Prior to working at Shell, and for fourteen years, heavily committed, as an undergraduate student, a software engineer, and finally a team leader, to the success of the GOCAD project, an Oil and Gas 3D subsurface modeling application. Graduate of Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine in Nancy, France, holds a PhD in Geosciences.

comment Software Manager who makes developers do Project Management
@hdman Well, let's be realistic here. You need to have a conversation with both of them and express that you care about the big picture: Making sure that the team is as productive as possible so the company can increase revenue. These conversations may go well or they may not but it is your responsibility, as a professional, to bring it to the table and it is up to them to act on it or not. Make sure to bring is in a positive manner, not 'whining' about the situation but wanting to improve the situation for all.