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I'm a Canadian Ruby/Java/C developer, currently living in Kitwe, Zambia.

comment Started wrong with a project, should I start over?
More along the same lines: teamten.com/lawrence/writings/norris-numbers.html
comment Using some kind of version control when working alone and with small projects?
@Rook: the point of using it with images is that if you edit an image, you can always go back to the old version if you need to.
comment Started wrong with a project, should I start over?
"I did not know how to build software THE RIGHT WAY": you still don't. Nobody does. As you gain more experience, learn more tools and techniques, and discover (often by trial and error) where using each tool is appropriate, the "ceiling" of complexity and scale which you can deal with and still deliver working software will get higher and higher. But nobody's ceiling is infinity. Nobody has figured out how to build software so well that it can't be improved.
comment Advice on designing web application with a 40+ year lifetime
Unfortunately, using a schemaless database doesn't mean that restructuring and reorganizing data has zero cost.
comment Choosing name for open-source project — how to view existing trademarks/names used for other programs?
@JörgWMittag, point well taken. But naming an open-source or other personal programming project is a problem that many programmers face. Few individuals have to name cars, phones, or tissues. I feel that a good answer to this question will likely benefit many other users of this site.
comment Does Lisp still have any special feature which has NOT been adopted by other programming languages?
@NicolaMusatti, a "spaghetti stack" is a common implementation strategy for Scheme-like continuations (which can be called after the function which created them has returned).
comment How do programs generally get information from the OS?
Good point about the standard command line utilities, like ls. The OP seems to think that ls is part of the Linux core -- it's really just a program like any other program.
comment Why do we still use floats?
@JorgWMittag, you have a good point there. Perhaps the "non-intuitive" behavior of FP is because we write the numbers as decimals in our source code -- if we had to write them out as binary numbers with a decimal point, there would be nothing "non-intuitive" about them. I'm not seriously suggesting that would ever be a good idea, of course.
comment Why was Rails written in Ruby?
@BSeven, more like "Perl on Packhorses" or "Perl on Palanquins". Maybe "Perl on Paleontologists" if he was in a really strange mood.
comment How to implement interactive programs (like games/simulations) using logic programming?
Great! This is what I was looking for. I do feel that including operations with side effects (like write) in a "logical predicate" seems to bend the concept rather far.
comment What limitations does the JVM impose on tail-call optimization
Good point. But to tail-call optimize a self-recursive function, all you need is a GOTO within the same method. So this limitation doesn't rule out TCO of self-recursive methods.
comment Will giving new recruits a separate subproject from experienced developers help the newbies ramp up more quickly?
If that is the case, perhaps rather than aiming to double your development pace in one step, maybe you can try to "ramp up" over a period of time.