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Here's how I got into development: I moved with my family to a small, economically-challenged community in northwestern Wisconsin. My trade, by chance and predilection, was carpentry. Shortly after we got settled in, the construction trade (and the rest of the economy) tanked. I decided to get a two-year degree, and had three choices locally (online):marketing, accounting, and something called "web analyst/programmer". I decided to try the last one, but first I checked out a book called C++ Primer. I found out that I could vanish into that stuff. I'm almost finished with the degree, and wish I had the time for a full-on four-year degree. Oh, well.

I live in a vanishingly small house with my wife and two young children. We are making plans to build a larger one. Our technological situation: off-grid, 320 watts solar, 12-volt wiring in house (everything, including lights and fridge), three laptops (one macbook, one Toshiba, one Asus), one rooted Nook Simple Touch, currently zero cell-phones or tee-vees, land-line phone with DSL. We hand pump our water. Read that last sentence again.

Keeping a low profile.

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