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I'm a professional software engineer, working at NSpyre.

I have interest in OO languages and have C# knowledge (MCTS, WinForm applications).

Currently I'm busy writing an app for Korg music synthesizers and try to learn myself WPF at the same time, so probably I will ask (a lot of questions) about WPF related items.

For my job I currently write in Python.

comment When internationalizing texts, should underscores (for keyboard shortcuts) be part of the texts to be translated?
In some cases they cannot be unique (so maybe I should not add shortcut keys at all in those locations). I will probably do it afterwards; I don't want to leave then the underscoring to the translators (it's a hobby project after all). Also thanks for reminding about the global shortcuts.
comment How to test a localized WPF application in visual studio 2012
Thanks ... lot of useful information in that link.
comment Indenting/formatting brackets like { } and [ ]
We use nedit and don't use a populairi IDE here :-(
comment What is the appeal of Systems Hungarian?
I agree to this answer. About using intValue and strValue, you can also see it as valueAsInt and valueAsStr, so I don't know if I consider this hungarian notation, it is more like that int and str are part of the variable name.