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"Application developer who moonlights as a Game Developer"


My primary objective is to succeed in both academical and industrial environments, which I can apply my knowledge and skills.

In workplace I prefer C/C++, though I can use Persian and English when necessary. I aim to program as low-level as I can, so I stay away from library's when possible. I use Python to test new algorithms quickly.

I am as-well trying to develop experience in the Game-Dev field for a future career, though only I work with Windows PC, and a little on Unix Systems, at the moment. The Game-Dev has become my favorite career as it is full of creative and tricky algorithms everywhere, in addition to performance issue in games which make need of best algorithms in work a bold requirement.

I will do my best to continue my study for PhD in Computer Engineering. However, if you would like help with your own game/app, I'll be happy to help to the best of my ability.

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