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Before commenting on a post:

• Almost all of my questions use fictional scenarios. The problem they present is the problem I need answers to. Many people get stuck on the scenario and not the problem. I know you've been taught a certain way to do something. That's great but I'm not asking about that. When I ask it's because I need to solve it in the way I presented it. Chances are I already know the better way and in my situation it doesn't apply. 90% of the time my questions have much different requirements than normal.

• If it sounds like I'm asking for a library I'm sorry, I didn't use the magic words. I'm really asking for an example of how to accomplish something. That's what this site exists to do. Help answer questions. I know it's an awful and terrible thing to ask if a library or framework would solve the problem I'm facing. It's so awful I apologize profusely for my insolence. Whatever I've said that sounded like I was asking for a library it is actually asking for example code. If a library happens to be the Answer to my Question then for gods sake don't post it. I don't want to break the rules. God forbid someone else come along who has the same question and find the answers on this site and start using SE.  

• Sometimes I'll post a question and someone marks the question "didn't research. found on Google". No, I did research but the answer was insufficient or the answer didn't exist on SE. Usually it's both insufficient and isn't on SE. One day, I visited ten sites in Google search results that were down and I couldn't find the information I was looking for. I noticed a pattern. Sites seem to last 5 to 10 years. They're here one day and gone the next. So occasionally I'll post questions for posterity because most likely I'll need to reference that answer someday. Yes, the answer may exist somewhere else. That doesn't matter. Stack Exchange get's this point. And it recommends writing full responses to questions rather than linking to other sites for this exact same reason.

If you're going to criticize my questions just move on. Don't even comment.

Languages: Flex, Flash, AS3, PHP, JS, ASP, JSP, Java, .NET, etc

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