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comment Possible holes in a spam-registration prevention approach?
So I would have to register a domain, just to post/read content to your site? It all sounds extremly cumbersome just to avoid spam. These days I dont even visit sites that require me to register just to read. There's always an open alternative.
comment Should developers enter bugs into the bug tracking system?
At one job we had two different bug tracking systems. One was for the bugs the customer/testers found and one for the ones we found ourselves. Reason was that we had different budgets for maintenance and new development. Bugs we programmers found was considered new development. A bit annoying, but since we were measured in alot of different ways, it was the best way to handle it for us.
comment Adding conditional toggles into methods for running tests
Well, it depends on what you are checking. At one time I was maintaining a perl script that was depending on some sleep statements. To make it possible to test, I added a flag and if it was set I skipped the sleeps. Same functionality, but when testing I didnt have to wait for 30 seconds. Generally speaking though, dont add flags and use mocks like suggested.
comment How to measure time lost due to environment problems?
@Chad Yea, thats one of the things. Added some examples to clarify what I meant.
comment What hurts maintainability?
+1, very true. That's one of the things I like about Test Driven Design, it lets you know the state of coupling/cohesion. If you need to start each test with 10 lines of mocking/stubbing, you might have a problem with these things.
comment How to spend less time on debugging?
Sure you can. Well not everything, but everything that matters. By using interfaces, dependency injection, faking and mocking classes/methods you will be able to write tests for pretty much all your code.
comment Should I tell someone that their commit caused a regression?
@jalayn What will that dashboard accomplish other than making people more hesitant about commiting? If you have all programmers checking, double checking and triple checking code before commiting out of fear of being named and shamed, you will end up with "big bang" commits which will be much more difficult to debug than a simple compilation error.
comment Which comments instantly ring alarm bells when a programmer says them?
Yea, +1 for #2... "We dont have time to write tests"