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Consultant (environmental and spatial stats a specialty), expert witness, and teacher. I can be reached through (outdated but still valid) links posted on my web site.

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Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?

--T(iger) Hobbes.

For any complex problem there is a simple solution. And it's always wrong.

--[Mis?]attributed to H.L. Mencken by Dava Sobel, Longitude.

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comment Algorithm for creating cluster groups on two criteria
I got a laugh out of the prospect of using Excel for this :-). Seriously, it sounds like you need additional constraints. After all, with $m$ people, if I can find one group of $m-n+1$ people with an even age and weight distribution, then I can make $n-1$ more groups out of the $n-1$ remaining individuals, putting each in their own group. Would you be happy with such a solution? Even more to the point, to get appropriate answers you really need to share with us the statistical motivation for this question. (It's off topic here otherwise.) Ultimately, maybe grouping isn't the answer...
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