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comment Do I need IDs in my database if the records could be identified by the date?
If you are getting the date from the phone itself and the user travels to an earlier time zone (and his/her phone updates the time automatically) then there is a slight chance that you can get the same time stamp more than once.
comment Advantages of using business logic in model
I added some details, hope it helps :)
comment Need advice for approach for a web-based app that loads excel worksheet but exposes only the charts
If I had to implement a project based on your requirements (as I understand them now) in a web environment, I would use the ASP.Net chart component for presentation. I would pull data from the database and present charts based on what you have in the database. Then I would build an interface to let users play with data (your "what-if" component. That way my app would be light enough not to have to deal with MS Office components, I could adjust the presentation to users' likings, I would be in a flexible-enough environment to adjust features based on user's needs, and no deployment needed.