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Hello! I'm a computer programmer. I'm currently working as a freelance programmer. My areas of relative expertise and interests include:

  • Strong background in abstract datatypes and discrete mathematics.
  • Rehabilitated C programmer. I know my way around POSIX and I can even be persuaded into programming C++
  • I have been involved in designing and programming a web search service essentially from the bottom up. That means everything from indexer, web spider and front end web server module, most of it written i C/POSIX, some of it multi threaded
  • Audio DSP geek with knowledge in synthesis and analysis methods, frequency domain processing, wave shaping, combating aliasing and FIR/IIR design/implementation. Strong mathematical background in linear systems, numerical methods, calculus and more than passing knowledge in functional analysis
  • The fruitful intersection of functional and object oriented programming
  • PHP 5.3+ programming
  • MySQL knowledge
  • Perl programming experience
  • Javascript apprentice
  • Python 2/3 and numpy programmer
  • Django apprentice
  • Advanced Linux user since 1998 (Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Knowledge in (Common, e-) lisp and Scheme user
  • Intermediate Bash programmer experience
  • CSS, DOM, jQuery knowledge
  • C-64 coder (BASIC V2.0 and 6502 machine code)
  • Amiga/MC68K coder
  • HP-48 / RPN

Random achievements:

  • web frame work in PHP 5.3 design and implementation together with a colleague
  • indexer and web spider written i multithreaded POSIX C
  • have written an unreleased script-fu GIMP plugin
  • have coded a break out clone in C and assembly for the Amiga
  • several man-months of machine coding demo-stuff on the c64

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comment Using php functions, reserved words as local identifiers
That is a fair point. But sometimes a descriptive name is hard to come up with. When I read other peoples' C code, for instance, I'm much more comfortable with for(i=;...) than for(network_graph_vertex_index;...).
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comment Using php functions, reserved words as local identifiers
I agree that programming is (or should be) about writing. And writing is, in the end, about reading. Code that doesn't read well is tolerable for computer generated stuff which is later translated and which no human ever needs to eyeball. Would upvote...
comment Using php functions, reserved words as local identifiers
I hadn't thought about the SPL interfaces... Good point. Novelty account, can't upvote!
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