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I first learned the basics of C by myself and a little help from friends, after that I learned C++ at school, php, MYSQL, and so on.

I'm a big fan of the KISS principle.

I don't like languages like java, C#, javascript, but am a big fan of python.

I still have to learn to do some good haskell.

I'm currently making a 3D game with Ogre3D and bullet with my free time. I intend to make a minimalist RPG where you can harvest different types of material and scraps, and learn to build new things for your survival and the worker you hire.

I'm also thinking about a level editor to make very big levels with the help of procedural generation. After using Enet as a networking library, I'll release my new MMOFPS and make millions of dollars. But I should maybe find a job first.

I'm also interested in maths and cryptography, but I don't master those subjects.

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