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I am a talented software engineer, temporarily between jobs. I have been paid to develop primarily in PHP with various MVC frameworks, like Yii. I host the Space 4X MMOG SkyLords. I develop in vim. I run Arch Linux at home. I beat Nethack on my Nexus One Android phone. Subscribed to EVE Online (21 day free trial). You can find more about me at iiridayn.info.

comment Intermediate to advanced book for improving VIM knowledge and understanding
@Tux-D. vim IS a text editor. It edits text. Maybe it does some other things, but they are entirely secondary to the fact that it edits text. Comparing vim to a text editor is like comparing a text editor to a text editor. On the other hand, visual studio is not the ls command. Possibly has one, something like it, but the ls command is entirely secondary to the central purpose of visual studio. Comparing visual studio to the ls command is not like comparing vim to a text editor, as vim is, in point of fact, a text editor.